It’s nearly been a full year since we became a non-profit organization. It is exciting to look at all the progress that has been made. It has been close to two years since I first arrived at the learning center in Kawangware. While I was in Kenya just over 50 students accessed the learning center. There were not enough pencils for each child to have their own, for many students the only food they received was one cup of uji from the learning center, the teachers had barely any donations for wages and many children would miss classes due to medical issues. Currently 78 students attend the learning center, there is enough school supplies for each child to be able to work on assignments at the same time, there is now both breakfast and lunch served at the learning center, teachers receive more stable income, and medical care is given to those in need. In addition nine students have received sponsorship to attend primary school through Little Ray of Hope for Children with more through volunteers that go to the center. These steps forward are just a few that we have seen over the past two years.

Looking back at the progress shows the victories that have been made in improving the future for these children. Small victories must be appreciated as a ripple effect will occur for each child that is given a second chance. As we move forward our goals of attaining a building with sufficient space, both outdoors and indoors, becomes more of a reality. With sufficient donations we will be able to guarantee the teachers who have donated so much of their time a steady income, provide relevant vaccinations for children to prevent unnecessary illness, maintain a breakfast and lunch program, ensure students receive meals evening and weekends, sponsorship to all children ready for primary school with sufficient supplies for those at the learning center. All these goals are ones that we hope to see progressing over the next year.

We encourage you to share our goals with your friends and family, sponsor a child, make a donation, and support us by attending our June 26 fundraiser. It is important to remember every cent counts, as just five dollars can provide medical treatment to save a child’s life, provide 15 lbs of uji, 8 lbs of rice, school supplies for a child, and contribute to many other necessities.

Thank you,
Kelsey Molz