All donations will be used toward the learning center and associated activities including school supplies, medical care, food, teachers wages, etc. All overhead costs (supplies, fees, etc.) are covered by those who volunteer for Little Ray of Hope for Children.

If you would like to donate to Little Ray of Hope for Children you can do that here.

So you have an idea of what your money will be used towards:

  • $4 buys a mosquito net (our current preventative health care program)
  • $5-$10 is the cost of one child to receive medical care
  • $20 buys a new sweater for a child
  • $35 buys 50 kg of uji (a nutrient rich porridge served for breakfast)
  • $40 buys a sack of charcoal (source of heat for cooking)
  • $70 buys 50 kg of rice (served with vegetables as part of the lunch program)

Your generosity is much appreciated.