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2013-Web 9

Little Ray of Hope for Children was started to help those who cannot receive an education. We provide an opportunity for those who are less fortunate to access educational facilities and the means to be successful. This is currently provided through a learning center for preschool children and sponsorship for primary school children; along with food programs, health services, and school supplies.
The learning center which we support resides in the slum of Kawangware, situated in greater Nairobi, Kenya. The learning center was started by Kenyans who wanted to help improve the future for children in the area. The staff has never asked for much, just the means to survive and often make personal sacrifices to provide for the children.
Little Ray of Hope for Children begun after I went to Kenya for a volunteer experience in 2013. After spending nearly a month going in between different organizations and not feeling needed or appreciated and seeing the vast difference in wealth between those who provide services and those receiving them she finally ended up at Little Ray of Hope. The learning center was in rough condition and receiving few funds. The staff gave what little they had so that they could adopt homeless children, make sure that all the children would receive at least one meal a day and make sure all children would make it to and from school safe. Although they already went beyond the call of duty they also met with a social worker to try and make home life for the children the best possible. At that time there were 56 children being helped by Little Ray of Hope, they received breakfast at the learning center, often had to share writing supplies, and some only had one outfit. Five of these children were old enough to attend primary school but did not have the funds to do so.
Currently there are over 130 children being helped through the learning center, all that are old enough are attending primary school thanks to many sponsors all over the world. The children receive breakfast and lunch at the learning center, have enough school supplies to go around, and are also on the receiving end of some home-life donations. During the winter of 2015/16 myself and my partner returned to Kenya to view the progress and were happy to see the continuous growth of children. All the children received clothing and blankets as Christmas presents, for many their first Christmas present, as well as care packages of food and soap to help families out over the holidays. We hope to continue this gift and food program, as well as various preventative health programs our current one is a mosquito net program.

Our recent partnership with Innovative Communities has allowed us an opportunity to expand in ways that we did not know if it would be possible. By running this project through Innovative Communities we are not only able to get advice from experienced international aid volunteers but we can now give back to those who support us through issues Tax Deductible Receipts. Additionally you know exactly where your money is going with Innovative Communities 100% Transparency.
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