A New Year

February 02 2015

We are a month into the new year now and it has proven to be a promising one!

Unfortunately Jeremy and Kelsey are required to push their trip back a few months.  However we have taken this opportunity to have a fundraiser.  The fundraiser will be held on June 26 at the Native Sons Hall in the Comox Valley and catered by Tria Catering. Tickets will soon be on sale for $30 which will include a buffet style dinner along with music, dancing, and a silent auction.  The funds will go towards supporting the learning center in Kawangware.

There are now a total of four children sponsored at the learning center in Kawangware.  Ann and Pascal continue in their education at primary school while Sidi, Natalie, Saumu, Phionah, and Diana have just begun their first term.  It is exciting to see more children being sponsored and we hope that more will continue to be able to attend primary school and become another step closer to fulfilling their dreams.  We hope that soon Victor will find sponsorship and be able to join his friends at primary school.

To gain some more insight into the world that these children life in visit http://iwantobeapilot.com/.  From personal experience I can say that this website accurately portrays the struggles faced by those living in slums in Kenya.  You can watch a short film focusing on one boy by following the links “The Voices” then “Film” followed by “Watch Film” on the bottom right. The film is based in Kibera, the largest slum in East Africa.  Kibera is approximately a half hour drive from the slum Kawangware, which the learning center we support is based out of.  The same obstacles that are faced by those in Kibera are faced by those in Kawangware.

Continue to check our website for more updates, ticket sales, and educational films.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Kelsey Molz