A New Year

The past year has brought much change. We had our first fundraiser, can happily say all children ready for primary school have sponsors, and Jeremy and I will be returning to Kawangware 26 months after I returned from my first visit.

We are incredibly grateful for the support shown at our fundraiser, not only by individuals but also by businesses. Both businesses and individuals were graciously donated a total of 78 items for silent auction. We found sponsorship for one of the children and there were numerous donations. We are hosting another silent auction and dinner in May 27, 2016 which will follow in a similar style. The event will take place at the Native Sons Hall in Courtenay, dinner will be catered by Tria Catering (same as last year), and music will be provided by The Impalas. We look forward another silent auction and plan to also have a balloon pop. We will begin selling tickets in February and look forward to seeing you there.

Each year the learning center grows and more students need sponsorship. In January an additional twelve students will be attending primary school. It is so exciting to see people continuously stepping up and deciding to sponsor a child. We look forward to see their progress and hope they continue to receive the aid to help their dreams come true. By March we will have a list of students ready for primary school in January 2017. We hope that people continue to step up and commit to changing the life of a child through sponsorship.

Jeremy and I will be heading to Kawangware in just six days. We are so excited to be bringing donated items of books, school supplies, and clothing with us. In addition we will be sending children home with Christmas Hampers. During our stay we hope to build more connections within the community of Kawangware. We will be investigating long term programs such has health care through prevention, income for guardians, food sustainability, and accessibility to clean water.

During our time away we will try and make updates when internet access allows. It is likely many updates will be made through our facebook page which you can follow here. Upon our arrival home in February we will plan to implement monthly newsletters which will include updates of the learning center and means to learn more about live in Kawangware.

Thank you for your support,
Kelsey Molz