A New Term

As we near the end of April the progress made in the past 10 months shows even more.
The children who have received sponsorship have finished their first term and are all doing well. Below are some beautiful drawings from the sponsored children. It is very exciting that all the children who are ready for primary school have sponsorship. We hope to see this trend continue and that the 12 children who will be ready for primary school within the next year can attend as soon as they are ready.

Our fundraiser nears, being just over two months away. The event is taking place on June 26 at the Native Sons Hall in Courtenay, tickets are on sale for $40 a ticket or $320 for a table of ten. It is exciting to have so much support from local businesses and organizations. We sincerely thank everyone for their help and want to say a special thank you to Young Professionals Comox Valley for partnering with us on the fundraiser.

I cannot say that I would understand how life is in a slum if I had not volunteered in Kawangware. Even now it is difficult for me to begin to image what living in a slum would be like. It is unlikely that anyone born in a developed country will ever come to fully understand the daily struggle just to survive. Kibera Kid demonstrates the difficulties that children face. It is common that children are brought into a risky lifestyle so that they may meet their most basic needs. As demonstrated in this short film often all that is needed is the opportunity for another life. By supporting the learning center by sponsorship or even just a small donation you can provide that opportunity for a child to change their lives.

Kelsey Molz