It has been nearly two years since I first returned from Kenya, in approximately two months I will be returning once again. I am very excited to visit the children, to see their smiling faces and to see how much they’ve grown. It is great having all of the support getting Little Ray of Hope for Children started so that we may support the learning center in Kawangware.

Thanks to all of the generosity shown at our fundraiser in late June their is enough funds to continue helping at the center and even see growth. In the past two years the center has grown from 54 to 78 children, 13 children have received sponsorship to attend primary school, the breakfast program thrives along with a newly introduced lunch program, and general awareness of the difficult way of life for those in slums has been spread.

In months to come we hope that the support continues. There are currently 8 children that are ready to attend primary school in January, sponsorship is $600 a year for these children. While Jeremy and I are in Kenya we will be focusing on further development. We hope to provide every family accessing the center food to prepare a Christmas meal, as well as provide mosquito nets and spray, clothing, shoes, and school supplies to the families most in need.

Please e-mail us for with questions Keep checking back for progress on our trip and information on our fundraiser in May.